Aromatherapy Fragrances for Back to School

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Valentines Day Night in Checklist

10-point Checklist for a Valentine’s Day Night In

Busy restaurants, sold out movies, and a scarcity of babysitters can all make skipping Valentine’s Day seem like a good idea. Instead of missing the big day, you can get in touch with the real reason for celebrating with a...

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holiday baking

Holiday Baking Fragrance Pairings

Put your favorite holiday home decor piece to work by melting a festive mix of fragrances that will make your home smell like you just took something delicious out of the oven every day from now til January. We’re just...

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How to get the best fragrance throw

How to Get the Best Fragrance Throw

If you’ve spent any time in a Facebook wax group, you know that throw is the most important component when determining a candle’s quality. Throw is the term used to describe how well the scent from a candle circulates throughout...

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Candle Warmers Etc Gift Guide

Candle Warmers Etc. Holiday Gift Guide

Take a look at some of this year’s new items that would make an on-point gift! The holiday season is right around the corner, and it’s time to start checking people off your gift-giving list. Fragrance warmers from Candle Warmers...

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lemon pound cake

Lemon Pound Cake Recipe

It’s coming up on baking season, and we all want our houses to smell like comfort food. There’s more than one way to get those glorious scents circulating. You can either follow the Candle Warners Etc. recipe for Lemon Pound...

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