The Best Fragrances for Selling Your Home

“Any good real estate agent will tell you that one of the main things buyers are looking for when viewing a home is the way the home smells.”

Scent Sells

You can go for something overtly delicious, like fresh baked cookies, but this could be distracting to buyers. A more subtle fragrance that still sends a clear message will be more appealing to buyers, and help you to seal the deal.


Fragrances that include jasmine or peony can be calming and grounding for many people.


Boost moods and leave a positive first impression with an energizing citrus fragrance.


The comforting scent of cinnamon can make visitors feel instantly at home.


Impart a sense of wellbeing with the familiar, fresh fragrance of pine and other evergreens.


Stress and anxiety take a back seat in the presence of the traditional fragrance of vanilla.