Walking into a home and being overwhelmed with the fragrance of Lavender Vanilla in early spring is something we all love. That’s why we buy candles and candle warming products; we go to great lengths to fill our homes with rich delicious fragrances. But aside from the delicious aroma, candles have many other benefits you may not know of:

  1. Restore. Candles help your mind and body return to its former or original condition, meaning that they help you recuperate from the drudgery of every day life. The rich aroma and subtle ambiance from a candle or candle warmer push the stresses away and invite a calm and relaxing mood.
  2. Remember. A warm and inviting fragrance can bring back childhood memories and if strong enough, allow you to relive experiences for just a moment. Fragrances allow us to escape and enjoy some of our fondest times.
  3. Refocus. Burning or warming a candle can help you adjust the focus in your life to what it once was or should be. The delicate light from a burning candle provides an environment conducive to thinking, which helps us redirect our attention and resources to what is really important.

So next time you light that wick or burn that candle, remember that you’re enjoying more than just a pleasant scent; you’re enjoying restoration, remembrance and refocus.

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