Take Our Quiz to Find the Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Trying to figure out what to get for your lover on Valentine’s Day? Although chocolates and flowers are traditional, this year opt for a gift that can be used in the home all year long.

We picked out three of our best selling products that we just know your Valentine would love. In order to find the perfect gift, simply take the quiz below.

As you take the quiz, take note of which answers you choose and try to imagine what answer fits your Valentine the most.


1. What colors do they wear most often?

A) Pastels

B) Neutrals

C) Bright colors

2. Where would they rather vacation?

A) Beach

B) Forest

C) Big city

3. What’s their usual drink order?

A) Tea

B) Coffee

C) Smoothie

4. For date night, what would they rather do?

A) Movie night at home

B) Stargazing in an open field

C) Night out on the town


If you got mostly A – It seems like your Valentine is breezy, relaxed, and earthy. They would probably appreciate the Sugared Citrus 14 oz. Limited Edition Candle, which has notes of fresh citrus, sugarcane, and soft sandalwood. This candle is made with a soy wax blend and poured in the USA. For the perfect low-key date night, simply set the mood by lighting this candle, grab some fuzzy blankets, snacks, and turn on a movie. You and your Valentine will feel at ease with the comforting scent of real citrus.

If B was your most popular answer – Your adventurous significant other would probably appreciate the Geo Lantern Canopy Illumination Warmer. This wax melt warmer cascades geometric shaped light all over the room, which is perfect for artsy and creative people. The ceramic lantern will look stunning next to houseplants and a well-loved stack of books. Make sure you pick out some wax melts for your Valentine to melt in their warmer!

If you chose mostly CLet’s Go Girl Wax Melts are for the go-getters and dream chasers. These wax melts are invigorating, with notes of supercharged apple blossom, jasmine, and red currant. This everyday scent is the perfect gift for someone who loves being on the go, but then enjoys returning to the sweet smell of home. If your Valentine doesn’t already have a warmer to melt wax melts, check out what we have as far as plug-in warmers. Plug-ins are an easy and portable way to enjoy fragrance in any room.