Aromatherapy Fragrances for Back to School

Ready or not, school is starting! Let us help you and your family get ready for the school year with aromatherapy fragrances that can help with the sleep deprivation, anxiety, and tiredness that the new school year can bring.

Let’s start with the most common problem for kids when school starts again. Anxiety.


Relax Aromatherapy Wax Melts

Our Relax Aromatherapy Wax Melts and Aromatherapy Candle help to soothe nerves with the fragrance of lavender buds and herbal sage fused with ylang ylang flowers accented by soft woods and tonka bean. They have a very calming and relaxing fragrance.

Relax Aromatherapy Candle

TOP NOTES: Lavender, Floral 
MID NOTES: Lavender, Ylang ylang, Floral 
BASE NOTES: Lavender, Wood, Tonka, Musk


Summer time had the kids staying up late and it’s hard to get back to a good sleep schedule. Our Tranquility Aromatherapy Wax Melts and Aromatherapy Candle will bring zen into your rooms and help the kids calm down with the fragrance coming from real Sandalwood and Lotus essential oils.

TOP NOTES: Citrus, Bergamot, Greens 
MID NOTES: Ozone, Floral 
BASE NOTES: Marine, Moss, Wood, Musk


Help the kids wake up and feel energized early in the morning with our Energize Aromatherapy Wax Melts and Aromatherapy Candle. This bright blend of orange, mandarin, and grapefruit, tempered by earthy patchouli and amber helps to awaken the senses and make you feel full of energy.

TOP NOTES: Citrus, Orange, Mandarin 
MID NOTES: Orange, Grapefruit, Wood 
BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Amber


Our Clarity Aromatherapy Wax Melts and Aromatherapy Candle help to clear your little one’s mind and encourage focus while doing homework.

TOP NOTES: Lime, Lemon, Orange 
MID NOTES: Litsea Cubeba 

Keep your family and home safe by not lighting your candles! Use our candle warming lamps and lanterns instead.

Our favorite wax warmers for kids are our Llama or Unicorn Illumination Warmers. How cute are they?

Don’t forget that we also have a line of all-natural essential oils and ultrasonic diffusers that can help with aromatherapy for back to school. Read that post HERE.