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How Wax Melts Are Made
How Wax Melts Are Made March 9, 2018 by Tiecen Anderson

We've made an art form out of home fragrance, and there's a lot that goes into bringing our wax melts into your home. Take a look at this video to see how it all comes together!

Candle Warmers Etc. Spring Style Guide
Candle Warmers Etc. Spring Style Guide February 23, 2018 by Tiecen Anderson

ith a wide range of syles available, there's something to suit every taste. Spring is in the air (or will be soon), and we've got a lot of ideas about how you can put a fresh spin on your favorite rooms, and make them smell great too!

The Power of Fragrance
The Power of Fragrance February 12, 2018 by Tiecen Anderson

Fragrance is a powerful mental stimulator. A scent can be used to set a mood, to freshen a space, and to evoke powerful memories and feelings.


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