As the weather gets colder, there’s even less motivation to leave your warm house on a chilly night. While snow might be nice from a distance, being outside in it can be kind of a nightmare. Luckily, with City Creeks Candles Falling Snow Candle, you can simulate the feeling of fresh snowfall without leaving your home!


Along with mint, the Falling Snow Candle combines scenes of patchouli (a soothing herb) and sandalwood, both of which provide woodsy smells that make you feel like you’re walking through a snowy forest.


Crisp mint can actually invigorate your muscles and stimulate your brain. We all get a little lazy in the wintertime. Why not keep a fresh candle around to perk you up?

Keep yourself warm and cozy this December with the City Creeks Candles Falling Snow Candle--and be sure to check out other winter scents at our website!

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