August is breezing by and as we transition into cooler temperatures, our floral and fresh line of candles is perfect for the end of summer. We love the Escape to Paradise scent, with aromas of sea salted driftwood, warm sands, windswept grases, and a hint of sugared papaya. This candle is sure to melt your heart and fill your senses with the most vibrant aromas of being in paradise!


With City Creek Candles, your candle is more than just a candle! All wax melts are made with the finest fragrance, wax, and wicks and are poured in the USA.


Another wonderful feature is repurposing the beautiful ceramic and glass pieces after the candle has been consumed. Simply remove the candlewick and wash with mild soap and water. Get creative and think of all the different ways you can reuse these beautiful pieces in your home or office!


Don't forget to relax this August! Long summer work days, hectic schedules, and heading back to school, can cause some serious stress. Take charge of your mantra and strengthen your body, mind and soul with a simple candle meditation routine.


Find a quiet area and dim the lights. Using Escape to Paradise, imagine you are on the beach and devour the moment. Take 10 to 15 minutes to unravel and deeply meditate. This method will allow you to mentally detox and reach harmony!

We hope you have a relaxing month ahead! Don't forget to head on over to the Candle Warmers Facebook page for the latest updates and promotions you won’t want to miss!

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