7 Tips for Setting a Holiday Mood

Consider these 7 tips to make your home an inviting, memorable space for your family, and everyone who visits.

As we ring in the holiday season, we’re all busy switching our home décor, making plans for family gatherings, and preparing to welcome friends and loved ones into our homes. We all want to create a comforting and inviting space where we can make memories, but there’s something more to setting a holiday mood in your home this time of year that goes beyond home décor. Consider these 7 tips to make your home an inviting, memorable space for your family, and everyone who visits. 

1. Catch up with old friends

The holidays are a great excuse to catch up with important people in your life. Work slows down a little for most people, and we have a little extra time to spend at home. Take a little time to reconnect with the people you might not get to see as often as you’d like over a nice dinner at home. 

2. Seasonal Scents

Our sense of smell is the strongest sense when it comes to triggering memories, and one of the first sources of information our brain looks for when we’re making them. Having your home smell just right during the holidays will remind everyone that something special is happening, and similar fragrances will trigger their memories of their time in your home for years to come. Try warming Candle Warmers Etc. fragrances like Pepperberry Wreath and Home for Christmas.  

3. Inviting lighting

Soft, low lighting is perfect for a silent night. Candlelight is a trademark of the holidays, with its ambiance and warmth. Using a fragrance warmer lets you enjoy the fragrance and feel of a lit candle without the open flame.

4. Remember traditions

Just like familiar fragrances, repeating traditions helps us to celebrate this year with memories of years past. Repeating time-honored traditions is a great way to make new memories out of familiar feelings, and to help everyone remember what the season is all about.  

5. Start new traditions

Help this year stand out from the rest by trying something new! Pick one new activity to do with your loved ones, and see if you like it enough to continue the new tradition next year.  

6. Rest

Between holiday parties, shopping for gifts, and keeping your home guest-ready, the holidays can be a very busy time of year. It’s easy to get swept up is all the craziness and forget the real reasons for the season. Make some time and space to rest and relax with you loved ones. Quiet moments spent together will be some of the most memorable of all.  

7. Kisses for Christmas

Hang mistletoe at the door, and let the fun begin! Visitors to your home will know they can expect a festive time when their visit starts with a friendly kiss on the cheek!