6 DIY Home Decorating Tips

We have 6 great tips from professional home stagers to help you freshen your home decor without ruining your budget.

1. Start at the front door.

We want our homes to make great first impressions, so it’s important to start at the front door. Use paint to make your front door stand out and feel like it’s inviting us in. Historically, a red door meant “welcome to weary travelers”. What does your front door say about your home?

2. Anchor rugs under furniture feet.

To create a comfortable sitting area it’s always best to place the front feet of all couches and chairs on the area rug. Make sure your rug fits the size of the room. A big room requires a big area rug.

3. Style decorative objects in odd numbers.

Using the “rule of thirds” in home decorating makes things more visually appealing to the human eye. Three seems to be the magic number for interior design, but the rule also applies nicely for groupings of five or seven. Our fragrance warmers, like this Gather Illumination, are the perfect addition to help balance a room out.

4. Add a mirror to every room.

Mirrors seem to make a room brighter because they bounce the light from the windows around the room. They also help to make a room look larger by reflecting the opposite side of the room. Place mirrors on walls that are perpendicular to a window so they don’t bounce the light right back out the window.

5. Use tricks to raise the ceiling.

Painting short walls white helps to make a room feel less claustrophobic. Place your curtain rods close to the ceiling to draw the eye upward. Using verticle stripes and placing a tall mirror against a wall can also help a room seem taller.

6. Make your furniture “speak” to each other.

Arrange your furniture in groupings to invite conversation. Face the couches and chairs towards each other and pull the furniture away from the walls. “Floating” furniture actually makes the room look larger.