5 Cottagecore Home Decorating Ideas

A cottage core home has the feeling of a rustic cottage in the countryside. It’s a simple way of decorating using simple and clean pieces. It is reminiscent of the past and creates a cozy atmosphere. It has a strong focus on softness and comfort. Today we are sharing with you 5 ideas on how you can incorporate this style in your own home, with items you might already have.

Now close your eyes and imagine yourself in a cozy cottage nestled in a fairy forest and listening to the babbling of a nearby brook. 

1. Choose your flooring wisely.

Starting from the bottom up and updating your floor using materials that give the floors a weathered look is the first step. You can find many options that are cost-effective and still give the worn and textured look that you are going for. Go for a rustic wood with lots of texture or a tile that looks worn and scuffed.

2. Lean toward furniture pieces that are natural

When it comes to furniture for your cottage core home, go for items that are natural wood, soft colors, and vintage. Using natural-looking fabrics with plaid or floral prints for throw pillows will create that cozy cottage feeling. Use several prints and textures together to add a touch of whimsy.

3. Cottagecore accents

When it comes to accents for your cottagecore home, look for thrifted, second hand pieces. Using nature scented candles with a candle warmer helps to bring the outside, in. Try to use fragrances like pine, floral, or fruity to give the feeling of fresh, clean spring air. 

Bring in a variety of houseplants to help bring nature inside. Climbing vines and trees are a great way to add an organic feel to your space. Hang dried herbs and flowers to help with the organic vibe. 

4. Color palette for cottagecore

When it comes to paint choices for cottagecore, choose a soft, neutral palette for the walls. Stick with warm wood tones or creamy shades of white or gray. You can always add pops of color by painting furniture with earth tones.

5. Don’t forget the outdoors

Carrying the concept of cottagecore to your outdoor space helps to create a seamless transition from the outdoors. Use your outdoor spaces to create a refuge for wildlife with birdhouses, hummingbird feeders, and a birdbath. Use beautiful shrubs and trees along with wildflowers that grow naturally in your area to create a native-looking home.  

It’s easy to create a comfortable, vintage, and cozy cottage getaway right in your own home thanks to the cottagecore decorating style!