10-point Checklist for a Valentine’s Day Night In

Busy restaurants, sold out movies, and a scarcity of babysitters can all make skipping Valentine’s Day seem like a good idea. Instead of missing the big day, you can get in touch with the real reason for celebrating with a romantic night at home. Use this checklist to make sure you think of everything before your big date arrives home. 

Use this checklist to make sure you think of everything before your big date arrives home.

Set the Mood

  • Fresh Flowers: Having a fresh bouquet in the house makes it feel like a special occasion
  • Lighting: Set a romantic mood with some below-eye-level lighting, instead of overhead lighting. Use a candle or wax warmer instead of candles to reduce fire hazard and indoor air pollution. Choose a mild wax fragrances so it doesn’t interfere with your meal
  • No Screen Zone: Give your night in all the respect of a night out on the town. Put your cell phones away and focus on each other
  • Choose some tunes: Pick some good music that you’ll both enjoy to play in the background

Make a Good Meal

  • KISS: Keep it simple, sweetie. Choose a classic favorite for dinner instead of something complicated. Dress it up with garnishments or fancy plates, and enjoy a sure-fire-winner for dinner
  • Dress Up Dessert: Making a fancy dessert is much easier than making an entire fancy meal is. Heart-shaped cookies, chocolate drizzled strawberries, or an easy layered parfait are simple to make, and leave a big impression
  • After-Dinner Drinks: Turn a meal into an event with 4 full courses (appetizers, entrees, dessert, and drinks). After dessert, you can have some good wine, or you can warm up with some hot chocolate or espresso in festive mugs

After Dinner Activities

Home-themed Valentine’s gifts are a great idea when you’re having a night in. Some good stay-at-home gifts that can keep the romantic mood going include:

  • A nice throw blanket
  • A movie pack with popcorn and treats
  • New sleepwear