Fall 2022 Wax & Candle Collection

Experience a trio of complementary fragrances in one package with our Triple Fragrance Melts Collection. Use one fragrance at a time or combine them to create a whole new custom fragrance of your own.

Floral Romance Triple Fragrance Wax Melts

Original price $3.49 Sale price $1.25

Fresh Fruit Triple Fragrance Wax Melts

Original price $3.49 Sale price $1.25

Light & Airy Triple Fragrance Wax Melts

Original price $3.49 Sale price $1.25

Shop your favorite wax scents of the season now in candle form with our NEW Limited Edition Holiday Candles.

Our new Classic Wax Melts have the scents of the season with pumpkin, peppermint, apple orchards, and more!

Black Cherry Classic Wax Melts


Christmas Magic Classic Wax Melts


Enchanted Leaves Classic Wax Melts


Pumpkin Creme Brulee Classic Wax Melts


Solstice Classic Wax Melts


We are introducing one new FUN Artisan Wax Melt this season! Our new Frosted Sugar Cookie Artisan Wax Melts have the fragrance of fresh-baked cookies frosted in creamy vanilla icing. They are also hand-decorated with colorful sprinkles.

Frosted Sugar Cookie Artisan Wax Melt

Candle Warmers Etc.



  • FRAGRANCE: Fresh-baked cookies frosted in creamy vanilla icing. TOP NOTE: Butter, Sweet Berry MID NOTES: Heliotrope, Sugar BASE NOTE: Malt, Vanilla Bean, Maple
  • Melts are made of soy wax, which is both biodegradable and sustainably sourced. Each 2.5 oz melt wax has a melt time of 30 hours.
  • Hand-applied decorative element makes this melt unique and beautiful. All decorative elements have been tested to ensure they are safe for warming.
  • Wax melts offer a no flame, no soot, no smoke sensory experience. Pair with one of our Candle Warmers Etc. Fragrance Warmers, available in a variety of styles and colors.
  • 2.5 oz of wax is poured into a plastic tray that divides wax into 6 cubes. Tray can be used for wax-cooling and remelting your wax later!

Our collection of hand-decorated Artisan Wax Melts provide the finest home fragrance experience with a visually appealing look. Enhance the high-end feel of our home decor products with wax that is sprinkled with real botanical decorative elements. Made from soy wax.