A 22oz City Creek Candle paired with a Tin Punched warmer lantern from Candle Warmers Etc really makes a statement. The aged finish and charming pattern of the lantern let the light shine through, creating a warm and cozy glow. And the substantial size makes it a statement piece in any room. It easily accommodates our largest size City Creek Candle, meaning you'll have hours and hours of wonderful fragrance without having to think about buying a new scent - unless you just want to.

Tin Punched candle warmer lantern from Candle Warmers Etc. Shown with a 22 ounce City Creek Candles candle.

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Just gone through your post regarding Tin Punched candle warmer lantern. That’s true that Tin Punched candle warmer lantern makes room very beautiful and elegant. Thanks for sharing such a informative post among the users.
April 24, 2014 by Julie

love Your warmers sure want another.You Guys are great!
December 07, 2014 by Julie


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