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The Fragrance of the Month program is designed to help you have the best smelling home you can have, by delivering our most popular fragrances every month, at an exclusive discounted rate! That’s right, we want you to have the most popular fragrances every month, so your home can smell great all the time! We will send these sweet smelling fragrances right to your door, at a discounted rate that is sure to make you smile.

6-month programs are 5% off retail, and 12-month programs are 10% off retail, oh and don’t forget the FREE SHIPPING!

In this program you will pick to receive your fragrance in the form of a Candle Aire Tin, a wax melt, or a candle. The Candle Aire Tin and wax melt programs offer two fragrances a month, and the candle offers one a month. So for example, you would receive the Macintosh Apple and Serene woods if you were part of the Candle Aire Tin or wax melt programs for the month of September, and if you were in the candle program you would receive the Macintosh Apple.

It doesn’t take long for a person to fall in love with their Candle Warmers Etc. warmer, but when life gets busy and there isn’t time to change the wax, or order a new fragrance for the coming season, it can be hard to take full advantage and have the best smelling home we can have. With the Fragrance of the Month program, you get a steady stock of fragrance, at a great price, and it comes straight to you.

Have you ever wanted to try a new fragrance, but been worried that you may not like it? With this program you can try new fragrances with the confidence of knowing that you are using some of the most popular fragrances we sell. We are excited for this program, and even more excited that you and your family will have the best smelling home on the block!

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