February is definitely a month for romance. It’s also a good time of year to start dreaming about the warmer months (and hey, they’ll show up sooner or later, right?). Luckily, you can invest in both romance and island getaways with the City Creek Candles Pink Petals Candle--the February candle of the month!

Pink Petals combines three wonderful floral scents: roses, spring lilies, and island orchids. Roses are a classic romantic flower, rich and sophisticated in scent. Spring lilies will remind you that warmer months, like April and May, are just around the corner. They’re a little brighter and sweeter in scent. Last but not least, island orchids will transport you to a tropical getaway (and we could all use a vacation around this time of year)!

Fill your home with love this February and bring the Pink Petals candle home to use whenever you like. Remember to stay in the same room as your candle as it burns or use a Candle Warmer to maximize safety. If you like more floral scents, make sure to check out the rest of our Floral and Fresh collection to bring the smell of spring to your home even sooner!

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