What Others Are Saying

By M. Edwards – Clinton, AR USA
I received this warmer as a gift and don't think I will ever burn my candles with a flame ever again! Leaving candles burning can be so dangerous - especially if you have children. This lamp lets you enjoy the scent from your candles without the open flame. And - the biggest advantage - it makes your candles last so much longer than burning them. I bought one of those warmers that heated from the bottom.... big mistake, especially with larger candles. The whole candle has to melt before you even start to smell it. This warmer just warms the top of your candle - making the smell come out very quickly. I'm picking one up for the office too. Great buy!

By blse from USA
"This is a wonderful alternative to burning wick candles. Once turned on, the aroma fills our rooms quickly. This is also a good deal to get the warmer and the candle jar as a set, most places only sell the candle warmer by itself. The best thing I like about this particular warmer is the design and color, it's a great accent to our home decor. You won't be disappointed with this product, I have already bought two additional for gifts."

By Lynetta from Oroville, CA
When these were first introduced in your catalog a few months ago, I ordered 10 of them. I have given them for gifts and everyone loves them. No soot, the candle melts from the lamp, your candles last longer. This is a wonderful buy and a beautiful lamp to display. I use all sizes of candles and fragrances. You will not be disappointed with your purchase.

By W. Crowell – Dothan, AL, USA
I purchased one of these when I was in the mountains on vacation and after using it I ordered two more for my home. I have small children so it is so great to have the wonderful scent from the candle in my home without having to worry about them getting burned by fire if I light the candle. I love that the 25watt bulb heats the wax up and it just smells the entire home. I will be ordering more in the future to give away as gifts. Thanks so much for a wonderful product.

By K&K Candles – Oakley, KS USA
This candle warmer lamp is wonderful. Since the lamp heats the candle from the top, the fragrance is released in minutes unlike the warmers that heat from the bottom where you have to wait until all of the wax is melted to get the fragrance going. You can turn the lamp on and enjoy all day! I would highly recommend this lamp.