Harmony Spa Melt Warmer

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Item #:  WWHMY

Gentle waves with a modern feel covering a soft white ceramic body in a semi-matte glaze for easy cleaning.

Experience the warm relief of Candle Warmers Etc. CBD Enhanced Lotion Melts with this unique warmer. A dish sets atop a warming plate that quickly heats melts to a comfortable temperature for topical use. Simply place a few Lotion Melts in the warming dish, allow them to melt, remove the dish from the warming plate, and apply topically when your preferred temperature is reached. This warmer can also be used with traditional wax melts.

  • Warm Lotion Melts to the perfect temperature for topical use
  • Easily enjoy the benefits of topical
  • CBD enhanced lotion melts
  • Can also be used for traditional wax melts High-end home décor meets functionality


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