Who doesn't love trying new scents? We are all about changing the wax melts to match the mood you're in. And since your mood can change every day, we have provided some tips on how to be resourceful in saving your wax! Here are some helpful ideas on quickly changing wax in your Candle Warmer & Dish, Luminaire, Petite Fragrance Warmers:

1. Save the Wax Melt Packaging! While the wax is melted pour it back into the Candle Warmer Melt packaging or into a heavy duty container like a plastic cup (No Plastic Bags!!). Wipe out the dish with a paper towel, and now your warmer is ready for a new scent!

2. Let the wax solidify. Once the wax has cooled and is completely solid, turn the warmer back on for about a minute and a half. This will melt the bottom of the wax and allow you to easy slip the solid wax piece out of the dish. Wipe out the dish with a paper towel and your warmer is now ready for a new scent. Put the wax piece in a plastic bag and save it for later.

3. Don't put the dish or the warmer in the freezer! Quickly changing the temperature will cause ceramic to crack and break.

We hope our tips and tricks have helped you, so now you can try that scent you've been wanting to try! If you have any questions about your Candle Warmer and wax melts, feel free to contact us on our Facebook page or through our Customer Service.

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