With the month of September upon us, we welcome back school, football season, the beginning of fall, and an all-in-all change of pace. There’s a certain excitement during this time of the year as everyone gets back into the swing of things from summer, the weather begins to cool slightly, and the landscape gets more and more colorful as the days go by.

With all the beauty of September in mind, we present to you the fragrances of the month that you can share with all who walk into your home. You will enjoy the sweet fragrance of Macintosh Apple and adore the pristine fragrance of Serene Woods.

With the help of Macintosh Apple, will you enjoy the fragrance of fresh, juicy, red apples all throughout your home. We will then send you the very essence of the outdoors with our Serene Woods fragrance. Blonde woods, weathering pine, a hint of spice and lime zest will permeate your home welcoming you and all who enter.

Now is the time to enjoy these fragrances with our Fragrance of the Month program. Every month we will send you our most popular fragrances, and right to your door. This is a program you and your loved ones will look forward to. It’s easy to sign up, and we’re excited to share some of our favorite fragrances!

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