Enjoy October with our Spiced Apple candle from City Creek Candles! Made with bold notes of fresh fall apples, cinnamon and cloves, this is the perfect blend and scent for those chilly fall nights.



October is always a fun and nostalgic month, bringing in colorful leaves, apple cider, children laughing and Halloween! Here are some of our suggestions for making your home more in tune with the fall season:

  • Collect some pine cones and place them in baskets around your home. You can even add some potpourri for color and fragrance!

  • Use fall leaves and branches to make floral bouquets. You’ll really be able to capture the essence of the leaves changing colors.

  • Use mini pumpkins and other vegetables to make creative centerpieces.

Image from French Larkspur.


Get the full Fall feel in your home with decorations and of course the Fall scents! When the weather gets even colder, you’ll really want to warm up your home with the smell of spiced apples. Your friends will feel right at home, they may not want to leave!

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