Here at Candle Warmers Etc., we pride ourselves on practicing Candle-sense and Going Flameless! We are very excited for National Fire Prevention Week, where we’ll be focused on promoting fire safety and prevention, even though you should practice fire safety all year long!

Many fires are caused by a lot of situations such as careless use of candles, poor maintenance of electrical devices, neglect, smoking in bed, and children playing with matches and lighters. Most potential hazards can be stopped if we all pitch in and pay attention to our surroundings. It doesn't sound too hard, does it? Unfortunately safety precautions typically get put on the back burner when we get busy, but that’s not going to be the case anymore this year!


Candle Warmers Etc. was founded on the principle of safe candle use. Founder, Bart Kennington brought the plate-style warmer to the market after a neighbor’s house was destroyed by a candle-sparked fire. Our “Practice Candle-sense, Go Flameless” public awareness is aimed at increasing the consumer’s understanding for how to safely enjoy candles. Thankfully you don’t have to compromise a great smelling home for your safety! Going Flameless with Candle Warmers, Etc. is a practical way to warm your favorite scents all while providing your home with a stylish decor piece.

In honor of National Fire Prevention Week, here are a few items for your fire safety checklist:

  • Install and maintain a working smoke alarm outside of every sleep area - Don’t forget to change the battery at least once a year!
  • Designate two escape routes from each bedroom and practice regularly - This year’s theme is “Have Two Ways Out” by the National Fire Prevention Association.
  • Teach everyone the  “Stop, Drop, and Roll” technique in case clothing catches on fire.
  • Avoid storing old mattresses in the home or garage.
  • Choose a meeting place outside in front of your home. This is where everyone can meet once they’ve escaped. Draw a picture of your outside meeting place on your escape plan.

Don’t miss our list of other great tips on how to practice fire safety with candles that will make your life easier and safer! 

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