NAMI Walks Utah is on Saturday, September 12, at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. This event helps the community come together in supporting and raising awareness about mental illness. Candle Warmers Etc. is a huge advocate for this cause and encourages everyone to participate in this event and to do their part to help those who may suffer from mental illnesses of any kind. For more information, visit:

“I was just made aware that in Utah the leading cause of death in our youth between the ages of 12 and 17 is suicide,” Said our very own Bart Kennington, who is on the Board of Directors at NAMI Utah. “One in four Americans will suffer from a mental health issue this year. 22 vets will die by suicide each day. (There are many more of these tragic statistics) Our mental health system is broken and needs attention.”

With Bart leading the charge, Candle Warmers Etc. does all it can to support this event by giving away prizes, as well as days off work to employees who gather the most donations. Candle Warmers Etc. also matches donations made. We would love to have you join our team to walk with us. Please sign up here and give any donations you feel you can:

With the entire company attending NAMI Walks Utah, Bart explains the emotion and feeling behind the event, “While mental health issues are real and tragic, the opportunity to get together for this walk each year is a chance to celebrate the improvements that have been accomplished during the previous year. It’s exciting to see so many people who are involved and committed to improving this important issue.”

Candle Warmers Etc. is looking forward to September 12, and can’t wait to see everyone there at Liberty Park. As we all come together to raise awareness and support those who may be suffering, we can and will make a difference. NAMI Walks Utah is a positive and uplifting event for everyone involved. See you there!

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