Millions of Americans silently suffer with the reality of mental illness. To bring it into perspective, 1 in 5 adults experience a mental illness. NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, it our charity arm. This month we are donating 10% of all retail sales directly to NAMI to support Mental Health awareness this month.

Why we are involved?

We understand that mental illness has a negative stigma associated with it, which we hope to help alleviate. We want to help NAMI to help encourage and empower those dealing with emotional illness. We work with NAMI, to help create awareness, fundraise, so they can continue providing help for the millions in need. They do many things to help those suffering from mental illness, some including:
  • Offering free classes for those suffering in cities across the US
  • Offering support groups for families
  • Free help materials online
  • Suicide prevention line
  • Raising awareness throughout the country
Our CEO, Bart Kennington, has been on the board of directors for 4 years and is the President Elect this year for NAMI Utah. He has been a strong advocate of helping to bring understanding and education to the community and helping those in need. Each year Candle Warmers Etc. fundraises and participates in the NAMIWalks.

How can you help?

This month when you buy any Candle Warmers Etc. product, 10% goes directly to NAMI. You can also register for a NAMIWalk in your state or donate directly to NAMI’s website.

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