One of our favorite activities this season has been ornament decorating! Buying low-priced clear ornaments is a good place to start! If you dip a ball into some paint and then put it in the ornament and gently spin it around letting it roll around you will end up with a very nicely decorated ornament with swirls and twirls to match this holiday season!


Another ornament decoration, a little more kid friendly, is snowman handprint ornaments! Dip your hand in white paint and palm the bottom of the ornament wrapping your fingers up the sides.  The print of your fingers will look like little snowmen silhouettes! Decorate accordingly with little orange noises and polka dot eyes!


If you’re looking for more fun and amazing ways to fill your break be sure to strictly follow this Christmas check list-- You don’t want to miss out on anything this holiday season!


We will be warming our Winter White the whole break! It’s a real favorite this season and we just can’t seem to get enough of it! Which scent will you be warming for the holidays?

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