What better way to embrace being in the midst of summer then letting the amazing sun make way for outdoor activities to lighten our moods! The sun is so powerful, it makes us want to be active and enjoy the beautiful weather with the people we love,
which is why we chose Tahitian Sunrise as our candle of the month.


We love this candle because it reminds us that we need to go out of our way to make time for the beautiful things in life - like sunrises! When was the last time you got up early enough (or stayed up late enough...) for the sunrise? Waking up early to see the sunrise is bound to keep you ready for the day ahead of you!


If seeing the sunrise isn’t possible for you, then make sure to give yourself a few minutes in the morning to relax. Light a few of these candles around a room, turn on some soft music, and just embrace the day! Even though sleeping in those extra ten minutes may sound nicer at the time, giving yourself time in the morning to relax will pay off!


Shop online for the Tahitian Sunrise Candle with our new sister brand, City Creek Candles!

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