We are giving away Candle Warmers left and right exclusively for our loyal Facebook fans!  Don't miss out on your chance to win by following these simple steps:

1. Like our Facebook page!
2. Take a picture of a place in your home where you’d like a free Candle Warmer.
3. Upload the picture you just took onto your computer.
4. Go to this link. (The “Giveaway” tab on our Facebook page)
5. Click ‘Submit Your Photo” Button in the middle of the page.
6. Share with your friends! The more votes your picture has - the better chance you will win a Candle Warmer!
7.  If you are having difficulty, make sure your Facebook settings are set correctly.
- Go to Account Settings > Security > and change settings for secure browsing.



We will be picking a winner every week!  If you have any problems entering, don’t hesitate to use the Direct Message tool at the top of our Facebook page. You can also enter every week for more chances to WIN!

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