May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Candle Warmers Etc. is proud of our partnership with NAMI Utah. The National Alliance on Mental Illness is committed to raising awareness about mental health, and giving Americans opportunities to help the cause.

Into Mental Health: Inspired, Informed, Involved

This year, NAMI’s Mental Health Awareness Month campaign is designed to motivate people to get “Into Mental Health: Inspired, Informed, Involved.” The campaign focuses on educating people on the right things to say to those suffering from mental illness, getting involved with NAMI activities, and starting inspiring conversations.

Mary Gilbert, CEO of NAMI reminds us, “Mental Health Month is a time for us to all come together, to inspire people, to raise awareness, and become involved so we can build better lives for millions of people with mental illness. We’re asking everyone to join with us to say, ‘I’m into mental health!’”

Candle Warmers Etc.’s Contribution

At Candle Warmers Etc, we’ve been partnering with NAMI for years to help shed light on the important issues surrounding mental health. We understand that millions of Americans are affected by these issues every year, and we want to find ways to help. 20% of our retail sales during the month of May will go towards supporting NAMI in their efforts to improve mental health. That means that every purchase you make between now and the end of the month will be an opportunity for you to help too.

Other Events and Opportunities

Along with your contributions via Candle Warmers Etc, NAMI hosts events and awareness campaigns all year long that you can be a part of. Find out when a NAMIWalk will be taking place in your area, and get signed up to participate! You can learn more about other suggested activities as well by visiting Come say hi to the people from Candle Warmers Etc. at the NAMIWalk in Salt Lake City on September 9.

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