Buying a Father’s Day gift can be tricky. Looking to mix it up this year? Do something out of the ordinary that he won’t necessarily buy for himself but will appreciate. You obviously want to get him a present he’ll love and use, but you want creativity. Ties and basic menswear clothing are great ideas, but unoriginal.  That’s why we are here to help!

Men may not be as candle-obsessed as most women, but deep down, you know they appreciate a nice smelling home or office. They may even be the ones that will benefit the most from the gift! If you think that scents are too girly for men to enjoy - Think again! Jamie Clair offers wonderful scents such as: Platinum, sandalwood, and fresh linen, just to name a few. You can have any scent you desire, perhaps stick to the classic neutralizers that give off a fresh, clean, and welcoming scent.


Men need simplicity.  A Candle Warmer takes away the worry of leaving an unattended open flame, and they can leave the lamp or warmer on for hours.  With the flick of a switch, there is no need to go searching for a lighter or match.  Not only would it make the room smell better, it would also add a touch of decor without trying too hard.


With the sleek look of a Contempo Lamp, he will be turning heads in the office and it will be a gift that he truly appreciates. Make it all about him this Father’s Day, so don’t cop out for the boring tie, giftcard, clothing article, or briefcase. Our Candle Warmers and wax melts are very affordable, so they could even be an addition to your gift. Be creative!

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