“Bring the outdoors in with these great ideas for a garden-style room. "

If you would love to just live outside every second of the day, then a garden-style interior is for you. With garden-style decor, the line between outside and inside is blurred. Today we've collected some great ideas to help you bring the outdoors in.



1. Create a great focal point for guests to see right when they walk into the room. Whether you use a large painting of a garden or you can see your own garden through a large picture window, what your guests see first is what sets the mood for the room. 


2. Line your fireplace mantle with beautiful planting pots with plants in them. 


3. Hang old garden tools on a wall for an old rustic feel.


4. Use beautiful Lamps and Lanterns to create an outdoor lighting feel. 

Candle Warmers Etc. Weathered White Wood Lantern warms your favorite candles from the top down. This classic lantern has an aged white wood finish making it perfect for a garden-style room.



The Oil Rubbed Bronze Hurricane Lantern has a beautiful old-world garden feel. 



The Garden Candle Warmer Lantern features elegant geometric cut-outs that cast an intricate pattern when lit. 



5. Use garden-friendly colors in your decor. Yellow, green, blue, white, pink, red, purple, etc. 


6. Have many plants around the room. Large plants standing on the ground, smaller plants on end tables. Fresh cut flowers on the coffee table. Hanging plants from the ceiling. 


7. Use botanical prints and patterns in your decor to bring the outdoors, in. 


The Botanical Illumination Fragrance Warmer is a great example of a botanical pattern. A beautiful glow comes through this translucent glazed porcelain with a heavily patterned botanical leaf design. 


The Perineal Illuminaire Fragrance Warmer has a jade green crackle glaze accented with a floral and greenery design. This fragrance warmer warms wax melts and uses a whisper-quiet fan to circulate fragrance throughout the whole room. The color and pattern fin in perfectly with any garden-style decor. 


8. Display river rocks, pine cones, twigs, and more in beautiful glass jars and dishes. 


9. Help keep the spirit of your garden-fresh living space alive with the fresh fragrance of the outdoors. Candle Warmers Etc. have fragrance melts that bring the smell of the outdoors, in. 



Our Favorite Garden Scented Wax Melts:

After the Rain

Zen Garden

Balsam Fir

Cherry Blossom

White Peony

Mahogany Teak

Lavender Vanilla


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