Did you know one of the major benefits of using a lamp or lantern is it extends the life of your candle?

So here is how it works. As you light a candle's wick, the wick starts to burn away. Then as the flame touches the wax, it starts to burn it away, before all of the fragrance is released. As it burns it is also releasing carbon dioxide into the air because wax is made of a hydrocarbon.

When you use a candle warmer lamp or lantern, the warming bulb melts the top layer of wax so the wax never burns away. This way you receive all of the fragrance in your wax with no carbon dioxide. When the top layer stops releasing your desired amount of fragrance, simply pour off the top layer of wax into a container exposing a new layer of fragrance-filled wax. So now your candle will last at least twice as long!

And that's science!

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