Winter blues getting you down? We’re dreaming of Springtime and all of the excitement it brings - Including our new Spring 2013 collection! With Spring also comes Spring Cleaning, so we suggest to start a little earlier this year to kick off Spring the right way! Take this opportunity of being indoors to reorganize your house for the warmer months that are right around the corner!  Set aside all the winter stuff you will no longer be needing, and get out your sunglasses and shorts-- SPRING IS COMING!

Anything goes for Spring, so it’s okay to get creative when decorating. We love bright, fresh colors to light up a room this season. Adding a touch of yellow will really help to brighten up your home with a refreshing zesty kick to keep things exciting! Think of fresh lemons on a hot summer day, sound nice? Recreate that feeling in your own living room.


If yellow is too bright for you, find a color you love and use it to accent your home decor!  Adding a touch of color really helps to lighten the feel of a room and freshen up your look for spring!

And what goes better with a fresh clean house than an owl warmer? Nothing! Our new Spring 2013 Owl Warmers will brighten your face AND your home. Just one look at these wide-eyed cuties will warm your heart!

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