“Inspiration for our Insignia Midsize Illumination came when our designer spent some time at the Bucharest Opera House."

Here at Candle Warmers Etc., we make it a priority to keep our line of products fresh and relevant. We have a full time design team dedicated to coming up with new ideas, and turning them into exciting new pieces for our collection. There’s a lot that goes into this innovation, and we’d love to give you a step-by-step look at our design process.

Step 1- Identify Trends: We keep an eye on trends by paying close attention to social media, popular magazines, industry trade shows, and the home decor scene in general to see what’s resonating with consumers, and what people might like to see from us next season. We’re loving gold and other metals mixed with natural textures this season. We also get inspiration from local flavor around the world to bring regional flair to our line. Inspiration for our Insignia Midsize Illumination came when our designer spent some time at the Bucharest Opera House.

Step 2- Design: Once we’ve got our creative juices flowing, we sketch to experiment with shapes, design elements, decor styles and colors. During this phase we fine tune as we go, until we come up with a product that feels just right. Sometimes we develop a whole line of new products within a theme, like our Glass Illuminations or our Live, Laugh, Love line.

Step 3- Sampling: As we complete design drawings, we send them to the manufacturer, and they create sample products. We choose the best products from our sample line, make any necessary modifications, and get ready for production.


Step 4- Going to Market: When production is finished, it’s time to take our new products to market and see how they do. Our product line is constantly changing to keep things fresh and on trend, though we do have some timeless favorites that stick around. The Fleur de Lis Illumination and Aurora Lamps are examples of these classics.


At Candle Warmers Etc., we’re proud that high-end, relevant design is one of the features of our products that sets us apart from the competition. We love seeing our ideas go through the design process and do well in the market, and we love seeing happy customers beautify and brighten their homes.

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