As fall approaches, many of you are heading off to college. Don’t forget to follow our 5 guidelines to not only survive dorm life, but to own it like a champ!

1. Organize. Say goodbye to the spacious queen bedroom and private bathroom you experienced in your big room at home. College dorm rooms are small and known to be very messy at times. By organizing your room when you arrive and keeping it organized throughout the year, you will avoid amounts of unnecessary and unwanted stress.

2. Decorate. Moving away is exciting and fun, but also lonely and difficult at times. Hang up pictures, add a splash of color, and remember you have a family who loves you that’s rooting for you back home.


3. Privacy. This important aspect can be overlooked by a lot of young college students. Make sure your valuables are locked away whenever you are not in the room. Even a quick run to the bathroom can give someone enough time to nab that new computer.

4. Go green. Dormitory rooms can be stuffy and boring. Go to your local greenhouse and pick up a small plant to add some fun green shrubbery to your room and some extra oxygen!


5. Candle Warmer. This is obviously a must due to the poor smell that seems somewhat inevitable in dorm rooms. Because you can’t have an open flame, a candle warmer is the perfect solution allowing you to enjoy the beautiful, rich fragrance of a candle without violating dorm regulations.


Good luck on your new venture and feel free to tell us how these worked out for you!  

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