So, you’re headed off to college and most likely moving into a small living space such as a dorm room. Your friends at Candle Warmers Etc. want you to have the best experience while you’re away at school, and we sure don’t want you living in a drab dorm room like the one below. That’s why we’ve helped compile a list of five things you must keep in mind when moving in a dorm room!


Less is More -A very important tip to keep in mind when moving to college or a smaller space in general. Only bring the necessities! Remember this is a temporary living situation, so by simplifying your possessions, the space will be more livable. Your life in college will be a busy one, so you will be less stressed by keeping your space clutter-free. This will also make moving in and out much easier - your parents will thank you!

Save Space -Just because your space has limited square footage, you mustn’t forget about the walls! Use shelving, or decor that can double as jewelry display. Use the back of the door for a full-length mirror, or a shoe holder. The possibilities are endless, you just have to be creative! A popular DIY project is to create chicken wire frames for jewelry or hanging pictures:


Lighting is key - Dorm lighting is not the best. Overhead fluorescents aren’t good for much, and a single desk lamp doesn’t get the job done. We suggest fun ideas like rope lights or tall lamps with 3 light bulbs that let you choose the direction to face the light.  Having three points of light in a room helps soften the space and makes for flattering light on faces and warm ambience to make it a little more homey.

Make it Feel Like Home - This may be the hardest step to achieve, but one of the most important ones. Although it is a temporary move, it is still your home for 9 months. Bring pictures of family and friends, an inviting rug, a decorative pillow, or blanket from your old room. A space may not feel like home until you’ve spent a lot of time there, so this is why it’s important to bring those pieces of your previous room to the dorm to make the new life easy to adjust to.

Another way to feel at home is to always warm your favorite scent. But remember, with dorm rooms, apartments, and office buildings, there are ‘open flame’ restrictions. Each year an estimated 23,600 fires are caused by candles, including fires in campus dorm rooms. A Candle Warmer is the perfect solution for avoiding the ‘open flame’ restrictions in dorms, and will immediately make you feel more at home.


Focus on Your Work Area - Remember, you are there for a reason! Make your work station as comfortable as you can.  Purchase an inexpensive seat cushion for the dorm chair provided. Have a desk lamp or other effective lighting that will keep you awake while studying. Use drawers and other storage space to keep your desk clutter free - So you will actually want to use it!


Your room may not look as fabulous as this one, but hopefully it will be close! Good luck in your new ventures and have fun along the way! Be sure to follow our ‘For the Dorm’ board on Pinterest for fun DIY project to make your small space more livable. As well as check out our tips on freshening up the dorm room.

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Wow Excellent blog!
October 26, 2012 by Anonymous

I love these new flameless candles
August 20, 2012 by Dulcie


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