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4 Bright Ideas for Lighted Wedding Centerpieces
4 Bright Ideas for Lighted Wedding Centerpieces May 22, 2017 by Marketing

It’s wedding season! Brides and grooms to be are putting a lot of thought and planning into their big day, including how to make every detail just right for their guests. Finding the right centerpieces that fit your budget, theme,...

Fire Prevention Week
Fire Prevention Week October 11, 2016 by Chris

Earlier this year my wife Lindsay and I welcomed a little girl to family. Hazel is our 5th child and rounds out our family. We have used one of the Aurora candle warming lamps in the baby’s room for each...

Extend the life of your candle
Extend the life of your candle March 19, 2015 by Chris

Did you know one of the major benefits of using a lamp or lantern is it extends the life of your candle? So here is how it works. As you light a candle’s wick, the wick starts to burn away....


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