Whether it's starting a new year of school, or checking off activities from your summer bucket list that you've put off, the month of August can be a busy one. And what could be better for those with busy schedules, no other than a Candle Warmer! No need to worry about forgetting an unattended open flame. It is also great for those going back to school and living in a dorm room with restrictions on open flames.

If the month of August were to be described as a scent, Citrus Splash would be the number one contender.  A fruity scent that can liven up any room (Yes, even the drab dorm room!)


Even if your August is a busy one, may your home or workplace at least smell nice! Before you know it, fall and winter will be here - So embrace the summer fruity scents while you can. Something else to look forward to in August is our new Fall 2012 collection:

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