Candles create a sense of warmth and comfort –especially after a long day, and nothing says Fall like a festive Autumn aroma! Bring some serenity into your home with these 7 unique ways to use Candle Warmers:

1. Fireside with a book

Curl up with your favorite Fall scent and a great book for a peaceful night in. Does it get much better than this on a cool Fall night?!


2. During family dinner

Nothing warms the heart like sharing fond memories around the comforting glow of a candle.

3. After a bonfire

As much as we love a good marshmallow roast- that doesn’t mean we want the smell lingering around for hours after. Mask the smell effortlessly with our Tin Punched Candle Warmer Lantern!


4. Housewarming Party

Greet your guests with relaxing scent of Nutmeg Ginger or Hot Apple Pie to welcome them into your new abode... As well as making them think you're cooking up something delicious!

5. Gift for a college student

Melt away homesickness by sending your loved one a little reminder of home.

6. In your bathroom

Freshen up your powder room with one of our Plug In Fragrance Warmers that is perfect for small spaces.


7. Holiday gift

Candle Warmers make a great go-to gift for your next grab bag or to bring to your next event and really impress the host!


Tell us your favorite way to use Candle Warmer in the comments below!

Comments ( 2 )

Cute candle warmers. Thanks for the share!
October 10, 2013 by Stacy

I love using scented candles during fall. When I am tired when I get home it’s like a stress reliever. It gives me this soothing feeling ever. Thanks for this great ideas! It’s awesome!
November 07, 2013 by Imie


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