“It’s crucial to have a dorm room that’s organized, practical, welcoming and homey as you head back to school."

Here are some ideas to springboard your creativity as you enter the coming school year and to help you achieve a space that allows you to focus on what really matters: making good grades and great friends.  

Who would have guessed? These cheap little organizers can be found at your local Dollar Shop and are a great place to organize your earrings on your dresser. Mornings run a lot smoother when you know where that earring back is!  

It’s not just for silverware anymore! Again, you can grab one at the Dollar Shop or a neighborhood yard sale. These handy organizers are great for pencils, pens, post-its, etc.  

Before we get out of the kitchen section, the dish rack is another great item to have on hand. Not only do they come in a variety of colors they are also super helpful on a desk to help organize your files. Different subject in different files (properly labeled) can be placed easily in a dish rack in place of plates. Pop some highlighters in the silverware holder and you’re ready to take on the class.


Super easy to spray paint, decorate and fill with items that otherwise create ‘clutter’ around your room. A large flower pot is a great place to put a hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron and brush! Not only are they functional they add a fun pop of color to sometimes drab space.  

These simple plastic rings are a great functional addition as you can hang them from a curtain rod in your closet or simply a hanger to attach your scarves, tanks or t-shirts. This saves tons of space in your drawers and again, prevents clutter!   As you think through what your hopes for your dorm room are, allow yourself to get creative! A pretty throw on the edge of your bed is wonderful for a quick nap between classes or as a lap blanket for studying. Large pillows on the floor that can be stacked and stored in a closet are great to bring out for late night study sessions with friends! And, nothing welcomes in fellow suite mates as easily as a great smelling room. Candle Warmers Etc. has some amazing scents that easily turn dorm rooms into home. My favorite is Cranberry Spice! A candle warmer placed on a dresser not only smells fantastic but is just the relaxing piece you’ll need to get through those long nights of studying!

May all of these ideas be just what you need to have a wonderful school year!   Author: Sarah Beth Coenen    

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