It’s wedding season! Brides and grooms to be are putting a lot of thought and planning into their big day, including how to make every detail just right for their guests. Finding the right centerpieces that fit your budget, theme, colors, and taste can be a big job, but keeping it simple and finding a good idea can cut a lot of the stress.

Adding lighting to your centerpieces is a great place to start. Light sets an intimate mood that is perfect for a wedding, and serves as an anchor for individual tables. There are lots of ways to light up your centerpieces, but here are some of our favorites:   

Natural Light

Light and nature go hand in hand, especially when the light source is the soft tones of a flame. Whether your theme is rustic, garden, or coastal, adding light to your decor will help to highlight the natural beauty. Adding simple tea lights or pillar candles can brighten any centerpiece in a non-obtrusive way. Lighted lanterns or candle warmers can be a centerpiece all on their own, and can be coupled with floral garnishes or wreaths.

Glass and Water

Expand the impact your decorative lighting has by including glass and/or water into your centerpieces. The reflected light adds depth and refinement, making a space feel both spacious and intimate at the same time. Experiment with the idea of placing lights behind colored glass, or floating them on water to see what the reflective ambiance could add to your space. 

Looking Up

A hot trend in wedding décor right now is to opt for hanging centerpieces, rather than the tabletop version. Hanging centerpieces throughout the room just a few feet above the tables allows you to do something more elaborate, without taking up too much space at the table. Using lights in this style of centerpiece pulls focus to them, and provides some additional soft lighting for your tables.

Various Vessels

Add some unique flair to your centerpieces by swapping your clear glass vases for tin buckets. Incorporating some whimsy into your wedding decor can be delightful, and centerpieces are great place to do it in an understated way. Using succulents instead of traditional flowers, teapots instead of decorative bowls, and message boards instead of name plates are all small things that make a big statement. Displaying your desserts as a centerpiece adds some pretty flair, and gives your guests something to look forward to during dinner. Add some soft candlelight or a lantern to the mix, and you’ve got something both beautiful and functional.

Lighting Reminders

When making plans for centerpieces, keep in mind that less is often more. Conversations will flow better if your guests have a clear view of one another across the table, so keep your centerpieces on the low profile side. Also, keep in mind that wedding venues have different rules regarding what’s allowed in terms of decorations and lighting. Check with your venue about their policies on open flame and breakable glass so you can plan accordingly. Flameless candles and non-glass options should work just fine as long as you can plan ahead for them.


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